I have been out of the swing of blogging for a long time…….however, I hope to rekindle things but am starting my blog under a new name and location. I have a blogger website for my very special son and thought it would be easier to keep everything under one host so you will now find me at:

Bag swap received.

I can’t believe it has been 2 months since I updated my personal blog. Please don’t think I haven’t been busy and involved and reading, I have. My charity blog has been a bit more busy and those quilts have kept me on the go!


Now, what a perfect day to receive a lovely, lovely package. I received an absolutely lovely bag swap package from Ruth (Sorry, Ruth, I didn’t see a reference to your blog if you have one!!) I have included pictures. She made a lovely zipper top bag with two outside pockets made of beautiful greens. She included so many little extras including 4 fat quarters, a thimble, a charm pack and a note pad. Ruth, thank you so much. I don’t have your email address or blog but I hope you see my thanks here!!  I have a son who is very sick and I needed a little pick me up! Thanks again.

Berries galore.

Yesterday we went out to a local farm and picked raspberries and blueberries! Oh, they are so good. It was a great afternoon. I am a little sunburned but it was well worth it and the weather was so lovely.
There are a few photos below from the farm. There were such lovely flowers there! DH was very helpful today in laying them all out on trays to dry and getting them into freezer bags for me. Now we will have berries in the, not so nice, west coast months (if we don’t eat them all before then)

It has been a week of finishing up some projects that have been sitting around for a little while. I shared photos above of a couple of swaps that are currently out in the mail on there way to their new owners. It is a ‘secret’ swap so I am sharing a picture but that is all I can share for now. I also put in a photo of the skirt that I was telling you about that I made last week. I have 2 more cut out to go. I wore this little white, pink and brown one to church this morning. It fit so nice and the most important thing, it was so comfy! I also finished up putting the charm squares together for a quilt top for our bed. I bought 4 packs of charm square by Moda (all the same) and wanted to make a very simple quilt to put on our bed. I need to get a very plain, linen coloured duvet cover and then I want to lay this on the top. Our walls were recently painted a chocolate brown colour (which I love!) We are adding some simple living/rustic type decor and I want to add some simple quilts (but pretty) to our bedroom decor. Would you believe I have never made a quilt for our bed!! For the kids, yes, but never for us! So….. it was time to make one for us and, with all the other things on the go, I knew if it wasn’t an easy one I wouldn’t get it done. I have to get a fabric for the borders and blocker and back so………off to check off the online shops to see what I can find.

Where is the summer going?? Last week my 3 older kids were all helping at VBS from church. They all loved being involved in their different jobs. I have actually been doing some sewing………but this week I did sewing meaning clothes!! I haven’t sewed clothes since the kids were toddlers. Well, I wanted to make a couple of lightweight skirts for me to take on our vacation in a couple of weeks. I couldn’t find what I wanted at the stores so I am making 3! The first one turned out really well and went together really fast. It is a simple A line that sits just above the knee. Very casual! So today I cut out two more while Andrew’s nurse was here! I have been doing a little sewing on my bedcover/charm square quilt. When I go away I usually find a pattern that I will buy quilt fabric for at the different stores that we come across. Well, I found this wonderful pattern in my stash that I bought at the Western Washington Quilt hop a couple of years ago. It is volkswagen buses with surfboards, hibatchis, etc on them. I thought that was the perfect quilt to pick up fabric for while we are on the Oregon Coast. In fact, my 3 older kids are talking about taking a surf lessons while we are down there!

KidsQuilts is doing well and we are very busy making our first two quilts and one completed quilt was so generously donated and already sent to a special young girl. If you haven’t checked out the KidsQuilts site please do

Pincushion swap

Pincushion swap

My pincushion swap gift is on it’s way FAR FAR AWAY! That is all I will say for the moment so as not to spoil the suprise. It is pictures above, not in too much detail as I don’t want to totally give it away. It was fun to participate and, I will confess, I have NEVER made a pincushion before. I also completed both my 4Seasons summer swap and my Doll Quilt Swap this week. Just the hand sewing on the binding on those two! Then I am completed up to date for the moment with swaps! I have some big quilts that I need to pick up and work on and I have two quilt alongs that I need to hussle on too……….where is the time to do it??!!

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and see if you would like to help!!

I keep meaning to share updates but life here has been getting the better of me. I have one son having surgery this afternoon and another having surgery next Thursday so to say things are crazy is a slight understatement.

Anyhow I wanted to pop over to my blog real quick to share a few little tidbit photos of the Doll Quilt I am making for my ‘secret partner’. I used a charm pack I had and it is looking very colourful!!!